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Foundation Piling and Site Investigation

Tysan Foundation Limited ("Tysan Foundation") has played a major role in laying Hong Kong's foundation by providing the highest quality foundation piling services to both the public and private sectors. With its experienced and professional team and its most advanced fleet of machinery and equipment, Tysan's leadership position is widely recognized in the foundation industry. The wide range of services provided by Tysan Foundation includes:

In 1993, Tysan Foundation was granted the ISO9001 certification by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency and has passed all periodic reviews for such accreditation ever since.

In order to consistently achieve high quality and continuously strive for even better standards, Tysan Foundation places heavy emphasis on research and development with specific focus on safety and environmental impact mitigation. Over the years, numerous improvements and breakthroughs have been made in various areas, including piling methods, machinery and equipment, technical know-how, safety and mitigation of noise, dust and water pollution in the course of foundation works. Tysan Foundation was granted the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for environmental and safety management systems respectively in 2007.

Tysan Foundation also carries out construction works in Macau SAR through its wholly own subsidiary, Tysan Construction (Macau) Limited.

List of Licences

The quality of the services provided by Tysan Foundation is widely recognized in the industry and affirmed by the inclusion of the company as a contractor for the Hong Kong SAR Government in the following categories.

Development Bureau
  • Ground Investigation Field Works (Group II)
  • Land Piling (Group II)
    • Hand Dug Caisson
    • Large Diameter Bored Pile (with bell-out)
    • Mini Pile
    • Precast/Prestressed Tubular Pile
    • Steel H Pile
    • Steel Tubular Pile
    • Rock Socketted Steel H-Pile
  • Site Formation (Group B)
  • Landslip Preventive/Remedial Works to Slopes/Retaining Walls
Housing Authority
  • Large Diameter Bored Piling
  • Percussive Piling
  • Ground Investigation Works
  • Demolition Works
Buildings Department
  • Registered General Building Contractor
  • Registered Specialist Contractor (Foundation)
  • Registered Specialist Contractor (Demolition)
  • Registered Specialist Contractor (Site Formation)
  • Registered Specialist Contractor (Ground Investigation Field Works)
Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau of the Macau SAR
  • Site Investigation Work, Foundation & Piling
  • Building & Maintenance
  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Service & Installation
  • Public Works & Others

 Major Projects




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