Corporate Structure

Management Team

Corporate Governance
Tysan Holdings Limited has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 1991 and was rated as Hong Kong's best performing listed company in 1996.

The Tysan Group operates in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenyang and employs approximately 1,500 employees. Our principal businesses in Hong Kong include

  • Foundation piling
  • Machinery hiring and trading

Our principal businesses in mainland China comprise

  • Property development
  • Property investment
  • Property management

Through the exceptional vision of our entrepreneurial, forward-thinking management, together with the knowledge and expertise of our people, we have firmly established ourselves as the leading and one of the largest foundation companies in Hong Kong with one of the most advanced fleet of machinery and equipment. With our expertise in the construction industry, Tysan Group has expanded into the mainland property market with our outstanding performance, we have gained a superb reputation in property development, investment and management in China and have received numerous awards for our quality property portfolio in Shanghai and Tianjin.