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Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Business Model and Core Values


To contribute and promote the sustainable growth of cities.


To maintain as one of the best foundation contractors in Hong Kong and continue to contribute as a safe and reliable contractor in supporting the growth of buildings and infrastructure development.


With our expertise and experience in foundation works, we provide our clients with best value for money solutions while completing the works and meeting expectations of stakeholders.


As a foundation construction company, we adopt a comprehensive and effective strategy for business management and development, which includes:

Core Values - ELITES

Excellence – our Company/Group pursues excellence in safety and reliability. Our employees and contractors must observe safety measures and requirements during the construction process, and the completed works must be reliable and comply with all the respective standards and specifications under all circumstances.

Leadership – our management and technical staff are leading by example for all employees and contractors so that everybody can own and share the Company’s vision and mission and cherish its core values and corporate culture.

Integrity – our Company/Group regards integrity as the basic moral and ethical values without compromise, so we expect and require all employees and contractors to act in good faith, be honest, responsible, reliable, respectable, and able to fulfill commitments and obligations owed to all our stakeholders.

Teamwork – our Company/Group promotes the culture of teamwork characterized by mutual collaboration and cooperation at the heart of thinking, planning, decision-making and accomplishing tasks within a work environment of shared beliefs from management to frontline staff. Team spirits are valued to enable and realize employee empowerment, success aspiration and standard maintenance.

Empowerment – our Company/Group values staff empowerment which enables the corporation to work through self-motivated and self-organized people who can make decisions, solve problems and deliver quality service and reliable products according to predetermined principles and standards. Our empowerment culture strengthens employees’ autonomy, initiative and efficacy.

Safety – the safety and health of our employees, contractors and the public are given top priority by our company as nothing is more valuable than human lives. To accomplish our building tasks successfully and smoothly, we do everything to provide and maintain a sure and safe working environment for all our staff and workers all the time.


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