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Investor Relations

Investor Relations


Date Announcemants
31-07-2006 General Mandates To Repurchase Shares and To Issue New Shares, Re-election of Directors, Amendment to the Bye-laws and Notice of Annual General Meeting
31-07-2006 Notices of General Meetings
31-07-2006 Proxy Form
28-07-2006 2005/06 Annual Results Announcement
06-03-2006 Results of The Special General Meeting
16-02-2006 Proxy Form
26-01-2006 Ongoing Connected Transactions
11-01-2006 Results of The Special General Meeting
12-12-2005 Circular – Connected Transaction: Provision of Bank Guarantee
12-12-2005 Proxy Form
08-12-2005 2005/06 Interim Results Announcement
22-11-2005 Connected Transaction - Bank Guarantee
15-07-2005 Proxy Form
15-07-2005 Circular – General mandates to repurchase shares and to issue new shares, re-election of directors and notice of annual general meeting
08-07-2005 2004 /05 Annual Results Announcement
21-03-2005 Circular – Discloseable Transaction Disposal of Property
16-03-2005 Announcement Pursuant To Rule 13.18
28-02-2005 Discloseable Transaction / Disposal of Property
08-12-2004 2004/05 Interim Results Announcement
28-09-2004 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director
18-08-2004 Results of The Special General Meeting
02-08-2004 Circular – Connected transaction: Provision of Bank Guarantee
26-07-2004 Proxy Form
23-07-2004 Circular – General mandates to repurchase shares, and to issue new securities and amendments to the bye-laws
12-07-2004 Connected Transactions
08-07-2004 2003/04 Annual Results Announcement
10-05-2004 Results of The First General Meeting in relation to The Proposal on the Grant of Option
23-04-2004 Circular – Proposal on the grant of option and refreshing of the initial limit under the share option scheme
09-12-2003 2003/04 Interim Results Announcement
21-07-2003 Circular – General Mandates to Repurchase Shares and to Issue New Securities and Amendments to the Bye-Laws



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